The Sims 2 Inside
MikeInside's Houses

Family house with jungle theme
4 Bedrooms

Features a LOT of split-level work
3 Bedrooms

A luxury family house.
3 Bedrooms

My most intricate house yet!
3 Bedrooms

Freeman Road
A gorgeous modern villa.
2 Bedrooms

The Hobbit's Hole
An underground cavern.
1 Bedroom

Tech House
Makes a great student sharehouse!
4 Bedrooms

The Ravine
A house in a mountain wilderness.
1 Bedroom

Nice little suburban house.
3 Bedrooms

A large house with a multilevel basement.
2 Bedrooms

My House
Looks kind of like my actual house :)
5 Bedrooms

The Atrium Hotel
A MASSIVE 5 story hotel.
6 Bedrooms

A small starter house, for under $20000
1 Bedroom

Breezeway Mall
A modern shopping mall.

MikeInside House Trivia
Find out what new houses I am working on, and get more information about the houses I have already finished.

Recently, a lot of people have been caught trying to steal my work and pretend it is their own. I get over 50,000 views of my houses every single day, so if you do try to plagiarise it, chances are you will get caught. I have written so much to try and help people build their own houses, please don't steal mine. If you see someone trying to do this, please contact me at the forum with a link to the site.
Thanks everyone :)
The Sims 2 Inside, by mikeInside 2005

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