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Snooty Sims lots of info and news... the BEST sims 2 site around.
The Sims Resource cool downloads!
ModTheSims2 A great place if you are looking for hacked objects and similar things
The Sims Sense
Jade Elliott's Site Sims 2 Houses, Tutorials, and Stories
Sims 2 Junkbox my family creator was once "software of the week" there :)
Starlight Sims Forum
Sims 2 Center
i dont think the webmaster likes me, but its still a good site :p
Sim Echoes some good tutorials
Sea Bree's Sims 2 Forum
Cats Sims 2 Houses
The Official Sims 2 Site

Sites I would like to thank for linking to me:
Teharimmo Sims (foreign site)
Sims Showcase

Sipsi Sims
Personal Computer Tutor
Sim Placement
Bandit Buddies Forum
Sims Revolutions
Invisible Sims 2
Lowyat Forum
Sims Express Forum
The Emerald Sims Estates (pay site)
TS2 Circuit
Mixei Russian Sims Forum

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