The Ravine

A small three story house, built amongst a huge mountain woodland range, with lots of trails and nature walks winding through the mountains.
1 bedroom 1 bathroom, $110 000.

The Ravine

The Ravine at night.

View from the opposite side.

The secluded spa at the top of the mountain.

Here you can see the trail that leads up and around the left mountain.

This pic is of the right hand side of the large bridge. If you take the path to the left, it leads up the mountain to the spa. If you take the path straight ahead, it leads down and into the house.

This is a pic of the winding stairs that have been carved into the mountain side.

House overview.
The bridges to the left lead up the mountains... to the right leads to the house.

The beach/side of house.

The deck.

2nd floor kitchen.

2nd floor living room.

3rd floor bedroom

3rd floor loungeroom.

The house in neighbourhood view.

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