The Sims 2 Inside
Bodyshop Creations

by mikeInside

Note: The file sizes for most of my sims are huge. Until I get broadband, I will not be able to upload most of them.

Turanga Leela

...From the show Futurama. I'll leave you to work out how the cyclops eye was created ;)


Kind of a combination between an amazon warrior and a lizard ;)

Tried to make a semi-normal looking person for a change!
She was described to me as "foxy" :p
Also my first attempt at doing tattoo's... she has a dolphin on her arm, face, and midriff... and a butterfly on the back of her shirt.

Can't get much more evil than this guy >:)

The very first model I made, a goth chick.
The dress is slightly transparent, but it was quite difficult to get the g-string looking right.

My first attempt at making Amy. I know it looks nothing like her! I will try again in the future. The metallic top is cool though, and the bellybutton ring.

Tried to do myself... another failed attempt!
In the enlarged pic, you can see what would happen if this face, and my face were morphed.

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