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The Tech Family

This house is based on the house I am living in at the moment, but I added my own touches to make it a bit cooler. It took roughly 8 hours to make.

It is built to house about four or five people, and costs about $121,000.

Special features:
1) A custom roof
2) Indoor modular stairs
3) A road on an incline
4) It is "haunted"

The house

The front enterance

South-west side.

South-east side: The driveway.

North-east side.

North side: the back of the house

The roof.

Driveway and side path

The house during the day.
Notice that the house is built in a slight valley, and that the road is on a hill.

(The car for work appears from the right, service cars appear on the left. Sometimes the firetruck may not appear if cars are blocking the enterance, but this bug is not really noticible.)

The house at night.

Main-story floorplan.

2nd-story floorplan

Basement Floorplan. (the black area is inaccessable)

2nd-story living room

First-story sunroom.

Kel's Bedroom.

Nathan's Bedroom.

Pat's Bedroom.

Mike's Bedroom.

First-story Bathroom


Internal Modular stairs, leading from kitchen to basement.

Basement Dining Room.

Basement Bathroom.

First-story loungeroom.

The Deck.

The Tech Family

Mike and Kel at lunch.

Pat meeting the neighbours.

Nathan in his room.

Mike chatting up the maid.

Want to download this house?

This house is available to download, but only to the member's of my forum.
But it is free to join!

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