A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, built for a family.

Here you can see Krychek family who will be showing off the house for us.
Sandra and Kruger are the two married ones in the middle, with their teenage son Rift.

Kieth in the white jumper is Sandra's brother, he owns the house and offered to let Sandra and her family stay with him for a while.

Well without further delay, here is the Lakrid house:

Front of the house

Back of the house. If you look closely you can see a mini-golf area near the shore of the creek.

Front enterance and pond

Kruger and Sandra. Are they a cute couple, or horrifingly disturbing? You decide :p

First story floorplan

Second story floorplan

The kitchen
Sandra is serving the boys breakfast. If only she knew how to cook.

Kitchen again, with a view of the dining room/dancefloor in the background.

The main living room.
Notice the modular stairs in the background are actually connected to walls. I just wanted to show that it is possible... but just very difficult to do.

Living room again. Looks like she thinks the carpet is water and wants to dive in :p
Everyone else seems concered about her mental health hehehe
Notice the 6-pointed endtable on the right, the fishtank is on a table, and the game system is underneath the TV.

Living room again.
The doors on the left lead to the bathroom, and teenager's bedroom respectively.

View of the Living room from upstairs. Last shot of the living room I promise :p

Everyone is headbanging on the dance floor.
Notice the mosaic carpeting and the plant centerpiece.

Lunch time already? Kruger and Rift are eating at the dining table for a change. Sandra is ignoring them for making fun of her cooking at breakfast.

Its workout time in the garage. Kruger is practising his boxing skills.
The stairs lead up to the second floor deck, whilst the side door leads into the computer room.

After all that excersise, Sandra and Kruger making use of the downstairs bathroom. Kruger wishes that shower was big enough for two. The toilet is around the corner that you can see at the back of the room, for a bit of extra privacy.

Now that they are nice and clean, time to relax a bit in the downstairs bedroom.

Rift and Keith are doing some work in the study. Lets hope that Sandra and Kruger decide not to get intimate whilst their son is in the next room ;)

Hmm, perhaps Rift hasnt realised that the computer works better if you turn it on.
Notice the extra wide desk, with lots of folliage.

Kieth is doing weights, whilst enjoying the view from the back porch.

Sandra is enjoying a game of minigolf down by the creek and Kruger is keeping her company since she is scared of the dark.

Kruger has chosen a horror movie to watch with Kieth in the upstairs loungeroom. Sandra says that she lost the game of chess because the movie scared her. Noone believes her.

You can see four doors in this room. The one in the bottom corner leads to the bathroom, the one on the left leads to the deck, the open door leads to the study, and the door on the right leads to Kieth's room.

After the movie, rift decides to check himself out using Keith's full-length mirror on the second floor bedroom. Kieth just hopes he gets bored of it soon so he can go to bed.
Notice the bronze statue on top of the chest of drawers, this was done with cheats.

Kruger is checking on his hydroponic plant garden.

Here is the 2nd floor bathroom.

It is well past 2am, but Rift has finnally decided to stop bothering Kieth and go to bed.

Here is the hidden back-enterance from Rift's room. It is a great way to sneak out of the house at night. ;)

The next day, Kruger decides to explore the winding path that leads from the second floor deck to the telescope.

Since it is such a beutiful day, they are having lunch outside on the 2nd floor deck.
Leonardo Ishkar has come over to join them.
Kieth really should have had a shower after all that excersise yesterday! The other's are grossed out by how much he smells.

After lunch Rift plays for his parents in the 2nd floor study whilst they read together.
Notice the two-tile wide bookcase on the table at the back of the room.

Well thats all for the Krychek family for now! Maybe you will see more of them later.
Hope you enjoyed the house pics. :)

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