The Hobbit's Hole

A single bedroom underground house, built for sims who dont mind living in a house without windows :p

Gootran Gorgonlock the Hobbit and his wife Nephele (a 6 foot tall elf) will be taking us on a tour of this house today.

Staircase leading from the house to the dirt road.

The front enterance

View from the sloped roof of the house.

The foyer.

Notice the interesting wall patterns.

The loungeroom.



Cuddlin in the spa... look at those cute lil stumpy feet :p

Bottle of water anyone?

Its a long way up.

Massive street party at the hole!
Those of you who follow my work will probably recognise some of those sims... although if you know them by name I will be a bit worried ;)

If you like this house, or have questions, let me know by clicking here :)

Want to download this house?

This house is available to download, but only to the member's of my forum.
But it is free to join!

1) Go to the forum
2) Click on the register link at the top of the page of the forum.
3) Once you have signed up, go to the members only forum
4) The links to the house downloads will be there.

House Notes:
When you install this house, to view the dirt road you will need to use the "moveObjects on" cheat and then delete the paved road.
I recommend you leave the walls down, they look a bit wierd when they are up.

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