Mikes Sims 2 Pictures

The following is my newest house.
It is made up of two connected buildings, and was built to house two couples.
2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom.

The house, south-east side. (front entrance)

Same shot from a lower angle.

North-west shot.
On the right you see the primary building, and on the left is the secondary.

South-west shot.

South-west closeup of the 2nd floor deck.

Notice the modular stairs in this shot, the stairs go up halfway, turn and then finish off to the deck.
(not easy to do, ill write a tutorial on it soon)

Another shot of the stairs.

This is the north-east side. (The secondary building)

Second story floorplan. The primary building is the one on the right.

First story floorplan.

First story floorplan, from the other side of the house.
(primary building on the left)

Here are the back stairs leading into both floors of the secondary building.
(geez i took way too many shots of the stairs hehe)

Primary building, first floor living room.

Primary building, first floor living room (peeking through the front window)

Primary building, first floor kitchen.

Primary building, first floor master bedroom.

Primary building, second floor deck.

Primary building, second floor loungeroom.

Secondary building, first floor basement/bedroom.

Secondary building, second floor kitchen.

Secondary building, second floor kitchen again.

Secondary building, rooftop spa.

The house, in neighbourhood view mode.
In total, this house costs about $141,000 to buy.

Want to download this house?

This house is available to download, but only to the member's of my forum.
But it is free to join!

1) Go to the forum
2) Click on the register link at the top of the page of the forum.
3) Once you have signed up, make sure you are logged in, and go to the members only forum
4) The links to the house downloads will be there.

If you like the download, please let me know :)
Thats what motivates me to keep making more houses!

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask me personally by clicking here.

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