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A large house with an "open" feel to it, but also many hidden passageways and rooms.
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, costs about $170,000

It also features a Multilevel Basement, and an Indoor Circular Staircase.

The house

The side entrance

The front entrance

The back of the house

The back entrance

The deck

Side passage

Internal shots:

The main foyer
Underneath the platform in the middle are the two basement levels.

Basement Level One - Games room

Basement Level Two - Bedroom


Various bathroom pics


The circular staircase

Floor 2 - Kitchen

Floor 3 - Dining Room

Floor 4 - Loft


All four levels of the house

House Download?

Unfortunately, although this house is finished, it has some annoying bugs. Sims get stuck on the stairs, fall through floors, refuse to move, and instantly jump from one part of the house to another, and stairs refuse to be deleted, even with cheats.
Until I can fix these probelms, I will not be putting this house up for download.
Sorry guys, I just wouldnt want to give you a buggy house.
Hopefully my next house wont have these problems!!

If you like this house, or have questions, let me know by clicking here :)

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