Welcome to Gyfu

I've worked on this house pretty solidly for about a week or so I guess. So its definately got more work in it than any other house I have built so far. I tried to build this house almost like a maze, with many different ways to get to any destination.

It costs about $272000, has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Here you can see most of the paths that lead around the property.

Notice the split-level decking, and the new style fence I created.

The path leading to the observatory tower
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The top of the tower

The stairwell

Waterslide leading from the top floor to the base of the house
Waterslide tutorial here.

The front of the house

The front entrance


Main entrance hallway

Formal dining room

1st floor Kitchen

1st floor Bathroom

2nd floor Loungeroom

2nd floor Hallway

2nd floor Bar

2nd floor bedroom

3rd floor Jacuzi


Swimming pool.... note the pylon actualy extends into the water.

Half-size walls

Indoor L-shaped stairs

A shot of the family that lives in my version of the house.
(But if download the house, it comes unoccupied)

3rd floor bedroom

4th floor bathroom

4th floor bedroom

If you like this house, or have questions, let me know by clicking here :)

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You can find information on how to download this house from here:

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