MikeInside's Terrain Stencilling Tutorial

If you want the precise look of a path on terrain, without actually using floortiles, try out this tutorial.

1) Start off by using the large terrain tools to colour in a section of grass on your lot.

2) Draw the path you wish to make with any kind of floortile.

3) Use the terrain tools to recolour the areas around the path.

4) With a floortile selected, hold down CTRL and drag to delete the path.
You will see that the dirt is left underneath.

5) Finish off your new nature trail in whatever way you wish.

This should be enough for most people, but if you want to apply these techniques to a mountain or hill, then read on.

Terrain Stencilling on a Hill

1) Design your hill. You can see in this picture that I have carved out a 1 square wide path that the sim can walk on.

(Just so you know, a sim can walk up any slope less than four clicks high)

2) Completely surround your path with a small fence.

3) Colour the terrain

4) Select a floortile, then hold down SHIFT and click inside the fence area to fill it in.

5) Recolour the terrain.

6) Select a floortile, then hold down SHIFT and CTRL, then click inside the fence area to remove the floortiles.

7) Delete the fence and you now have a winding mountain path!

Note: This tutorial will not work for diagonal floortiles... if you wish to use them, you will have to do the diagonal areas manually.

Want to see or download an example of a house that uses this method?
Then check out Gyfu.

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