Common Building Mistakes

The Bigger they are, the Harder they Fall:
If you are not experienced with building, dont try and build a huge grandiose mansion on your first couple of house attempts. Chances are it will come out looking ugly and unplayable.

Break the Mirror:
Dont build symetrical houses (Houses that have a mirrored floorplan on the left and right side) It will constrict your creativity, and usually make the house look uninspired.

Think Outside the Box:
Never start off your house by placing a box, and then trying to fill in the inside with rooms.
Square houses are boring, and it will make the roof look terrible.

Mikeinside, not outside:
The inside of a house is just as important, if not moreso, than the outside.
So don't try and build the outside of a house before doing the inside. If you can make the inside interesting, by connecting the rooms at odd places, and maybe using some diagonal walls, the outside will usually end up looking good on its own.

She Sells Sea Shells:
A unfurnished house with nothing inside it is called a "shell"
Some people say they do this so that when they put the house up for download, the people that download it can decorate according to their own tastes. However usually, the real reason is that they could not be bothered to decorate it. Make the effort to do so.
People will appreciate a nicely decorated house, but more importantly, you need to decorate it so that you can see that the size of each room is not too big, and not too small, and that each room of the house has a purpose.

Hollowed Halls:
A lot of people when they start building a house, make these massive square rooms, and then when they try and decorate it, realise that it is too big and the room just feels empty. This is also often a primary reason for why a house looks ugly.
If you are someone who does this, try decorating each room as you make it... dont start making a new room until each one is completely finished.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!
If your roof is taller than about 2 storys, then it is definately too big. I have seen so many houses that look like they have these huge pyramids sitting on top of a flat little house, and it looks terrible. To avoid this, try and make the external shape of your house less square. A simple L-shaped house usually looks good, and will help your roof to look more normal.

The Spirit is Willing...
Building a great house takes time. And if you rush it, it will show in the house. Dont expect to create an archetectural wonder in an hour, just keep slowly working on it, paying attention to the details. If you start to get fed up with it, take a break from it, maybe sleep and keep going the next day. Generally, the bigger the house is, the longer it will take to finish. For example, Hobbit's Hole only took a few hours to do, but the Atrium Hotel took over 3 days.

Treehuggin hippies:
A house sitting in the middle of a large, empty, flat patch of grass is boring. A swimming pool, trees, pond, garden etc can all liven up your outdoors. Also try painting the grass in appropriate places, and perhaps even adding some hills or valleys.

These boots were made for walking:
Make sure that the sims dont have to walk too far to get to wherever they need to go. You may wish to consider adding a hallway so that sims have quick access to all rooms. Dont make a sim have to walk through a bathroom in order to get to the kitchen ;)

The bitter smell of excess:
Thinking that filling a house with all the most expensive objects will make it look better is not a good idea. Think about the style of the house, and the style of the room, and decorate each room accordingly.

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