mikeInside's Circular Stairwell Tutorials

If you havn't already, first read the modular stairs tutorial before attempting this one.

Tutorial 1: Circular Stairwells for Beginners.
Tutorial 2: Advanced Circular Stairwells.

Circular Stairwells for Beginners Tutorial

1) Create a 6x6 room

2) Make it as high as you want your staircase to be.

3) Add 1 piece of flooring to the corner of the 2nd floor room.

4) Use the connecting stairs to join that level to the ground

5) Repeat the process, moving to a new corner of the room on each floor.

6) Create a building to join your staircase to, and you are done!

You can even remove the walls
around the stairs, to create a more open feel.
PS. This pic was made by using external programs... you cant do a slide in TS2 yet. :(

Advanced Circular Stairwells

1) Create a block of foundation

2) Raise the terrain near it FOUR times.

3) Drag another piece of foundation from the top of the hill to the bottom, so that you now have 2 pieces of foundation a square apart, with one piece being twice as tall as the first.

4) Raise the terrain again, but this time do it EIGHT times instead of four.

5) Again, create a piece of foundation.

6) Flatten the ground

7) Now simply make a little 1x1 room.

8) Add flooring

9) Remove walls

10) Use connecting stairs

11) Repeat

12) Add walls to each floor

13) Add floors

14) Again, use connecting stairs

15) Finish it off

16) Remove the walls, and the stairwell is done!

17) If you want to make it indoors, you will have to make the room 5x5.
You will not be able to make it 3x3, unless you are very proficient with using the building cheats.
Also, you have to do each wall individually. Shift-dragging will not work.

18) Add a building so that the stairs lead somewhere, and you are done!

Alternate Circular Stairwell Method

They will both produce similar results, so use the one that you find easiest.

1) Use connecting stairs 3 times to dig into the ground

2) Hold down CTRL and delete the stairs.

3) Create 1x1 rooms at each level of the ground, and add flooring.

4) Delete the walls, but leave the floors

5) Flatten the ground

6) Use the connecting stairs, and then follow on from step 12 of the previous tutorial.

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