MikeInside's Mosaic Carpet Tutorial

Its easy to get sick of the plain old floor tiles that come with the game, hopefully this tutorial will let you add a bit more variety to your designs.

1) Create an empty room. Size and shape does not really matter.

Note: If you wish to perform this tutorial on an existing room, make sure you move or delete all the objects, windows and doors that are in it, as they will intefere with this tutorial.

2) Using one of the small fences, draw a pattern on the ground. This pattern can be whatever you want.

3) By selecting a floortile, then holding down SHIFT and clicking inside the fences, you can colour in each part of the ground seperately. You can find a good variety of colours in the carpet section of floortiles.
Do this until you are happy with the results.

4) Select the fence tool again, then hold down the CTRL key and drag over the fences until they are all deleted.

5) Add whatever furniture you want to the room, and you are done!
My example could work well as a dance floor, but you could also try experimently with more subtle colours to get some very different effects.

If you want to see or download an example of a house that uses a lot of tessellated carpet, try taking a look at the Lakrid House.

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