MikeInside's Roof Tips

Every house is different and every roof is different.
So instead
writing a tutorial, I am just going to give you a few tips that help me when I build a roof.

Big Square Houses = Big Square Roof
Its really ugly and boring, so try not to do it.

The "Auto-Roof" feature will usually create a good looking roof with the click of a button. If you dont think your house needs a custom roof, then dont bother making one.

When using the custom roof tools, remember that you can overlap the roofs as much as you want. You will usually need to in order to get a good looking roof.

If you are creating an attic, remember that a roof takes 3 squares to get high enough for you to place objects under.

When you create a roof, it will appear inside the rooms.
BUT, if you place a roof on top of the rooms, the roof underneath will disappear.

In other words, roofs cannot appear on top of eachother.

These techniques are really all you need to know to create most kinds of custom roofing.
But as with most things in life, the best way to learn is to experiment.

If you are having a problem with a custom roof, or have a comment about these tips, you can contact me by clicking here.

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